A Day At Google Academy:

A Day At Google Academy:

Group of attendees at Google

Our first Ambassador leadership workshop.

On 19 March, Modern Muse held a communication skills workshop at #GoogleAcademy in partnership with Connor an HR consultancy.

Connor are people experts who have been helping organisations to improve their performance through their people for over 25 years and they wrote a bespoke workshop just for our Youth Ambassadors. Volunteers from Connor came to the event to deliver the workshop.

Left to right: Donna Robertson, Modern Muse; Sue Foxley, Connor; Sylvia White
Adhibeo Ltd; Benedicte Lecuyer, Connor; Claire Myerscough, Connor; Jo Bristow, Connor; Anusha
Parshotam, Connor and Denise Meade-Hill, Connor – Youth Ambassador Miah at the front.

Before the workshop only 7% of Ambassadors said they thought they could be leaders in their future careers and by the end of the workshop 3/4 thought they could – which is great news as the UK needs more female leaders.

The Ambassadors loved being at the Google Academy while learning how to network, present and push themselves out of their comfort zones. The food was amazing too. This is what some of our Ambassadors said about the event.

Young Ambassadors for Modern Muse joined together in a fun filled day full of activities.

We worked on our confidence, teamwork, public speaking and body language.

Multiple schools took part with young women from Central Foundation and other schools in Suffolk participating.

We all got to mix, make new friends and learn how to network. We discussed our role models and our aspirations for the future.

Overall, it was a great experience that allowed our Modern Muse girls to mix with older muses, as well as have a chance to find out about each other. On behalf of Wapping High,

I would like to send a big thank you to Modern Muse and all of the volunteers, and to Google for hosting the event today as much fun was had!’ 

Scarlett (Year 9) Wapping High School

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