About Youth Ambassadors


We work with girls 13-18 (Youth Ambassadors), who promote our website in their schools. We give them opportunities for leadership, and help them build skills for their CV. 

How we help

We provide online guidance and skill-building events to help Ambassadors deliver their activity. Mentor Muses liaise with a sponsor teacher to provide ongoing support. 

What is the role?

Working as a group, Ambassadors carry out at least one event/activity per term. They follow a structured business process to plan,
deliver and evaluate their activity.

Student sitting on sofa working
Two students with Microsoft devices.

What's the commitment?

4-6 Ambassadors, per school, sign up for a year. They register on the website and run at least one event/activity per term. For each activity they submit a plan and post-event report to Modern Muse.

What are the activities?

Students brainstorm and come up with their own ideas. Activities have included: creating murals or posters, speaking in assemblies and class, creating and distributing promotional flyers.

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Teacher support required

Ambassadors should be able to hold their sessions with minimum teacher planning. A sponsor teacher is required to authorise  activity and arrange mentor Muse visits/calls.

Contact us to get involved at info@mmwewptest.azurewebsites.net